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Gender Information Centre Nora

The Gender Information Centre NORA (GIC NORA) is a non-governmental organisation based on a feminist perspective and located in Brno in the Czech Republic. GIC NORA came into existence in the autumn 2004. It was initiated by students and lecturers from the Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University in Brno with the aim to spread gender activities beyond the academic scope.

Its mission is to promote equality of men and women in Czech society at both national and regional levels. GIC NORA aims to improve conditions and access of women and men to societal sources in different spheres of their lives and support a personal and professional development of women in general.

GIC NORA is a project run organisation. Its activities focus on gender sensitive education, gender inequalities on the labour market including gender pay gap and competence mapping with socially disadvantaged people.

Eurocircle-Europe Direct Information Centre

The association Eurocircle was established in 1993 in Berlin by Ralf Makrutzki and has also been based in Marseille since 1996.

Our team is truly multicultural and boasts a wide range of skills, such as creating European projects, sociology, languages, among others. There are 20 full-time employees, who are supported by Service Civique and European Voluntary Service volunteers.

We aim to create a better understanding of the European Union and encourage of a real sense of European citizenship based on values of tolerance, equality and solidarity. Our other key objectives are aiding the social inclusion of young people throughout Europe, promoting intercultural dialogue and non-formal education.

We carry out a range of actions: youth mobility, volunteering, training courses, EU project development. Our Europe Direct Information Center aims at providing information and support and at raising awareness of international mobility and European citizenship in our Marseille offices and also in external locations. Every year we organise a large public event for the Festival of Europe. The purpose of this event is to celebrate European cultures and Europe more broadly, and we encourage the public to participate in this free and joyous event.

Voivodeship Labour Office in Katowice

Formed in 2000, the Voivodeship Labour Office in Katowice is an organisational unit of the Silesian Voivodeship Self-Government that pursues tasks involving the creation of labour market policies, initiation and support of actions promoting and stimulating the development of the labour market in the Silesian Voivodeship.

Main activities of VLO in Katowice include:

  • Eures network providing services in the area of EU wide job placement and information on conditions of living and working in EU and EFTA member state
  • Job counselling, methodology and entrepreneurship
  • Obtaining of funds and pursuing of projects under European Union programmes
  • Development of a regional plan of action for employment (The planning document that is prepared in cooperation with institutions and partners of the labour market
  • Division of the Labour Fund money. Each year Silesian Voivodeship receives on the basis of the decision of the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy funds dedicated to 31 local authorities for programmes concerning employment promotion, job activation
  • Implementation of Regional Operational Programme of Silesian Voivodeship and Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development
  • Research and analysis of the labour market.
Asociatia Young Initiative – Romania

Founded in 2009, in Romania at the Young Initiative Association (AYI), our mission is to empower people through education. We do that through 3 main pillars of action: Social, Youth and NGO Development. We aim at contributing to young people’s personal and professional development and to their education, so they can shape a career matched to their true potential. More than 40 staff members and volunteers are currently engaged in our activities.

Our Association is working with young people (students, graduates, young professionals) and with abused and abandoned children from Bucharest, providing them with educational services that help them overcome some of their problems and challenges compared to normal children of their age. We also run the Center for Nonprofit Organizations Management in Bucharest, providing services to over 200 NGOs in the country.

UCAM – Universidad Católica de Murcia

UCAM is a private Catholic university with more than 20 years of history and more than 16.000 students that offers prominent European official graduations, Master programs, PhD programs and other prestigious titles. Its teaching method is based on a personalized attention with reduced students per classes and a personal tutor for each student. UCAM also offers a modern system of distance teaching. 

UCAM is strongly linked with the work world through study plans adapted to market exigencies, obligatory internships in institutions and enterprises in every program and research programs in collaboration with big regional, national and multinational companies. 

Leżę i Pracuję (Work From Bed) 

It’s the first marketing agency that has been established to give work to people with mobility disabilities. They help companies and organisations to promote good activities. 

They are the living proof that everyone can work, even from bed. The team is specializing in many aspects of marketing; creating communication strategies, building brands through social media, designing graphics, creating websites, copywriting, SEO and training about marketing. They have a team with diverse competencies and still work on developing them thanks to the mentoring system that they implemented. 

They build new awareness. Because they are glad to implement any projects that make the world a better place. Innovations and social campaigns are their favourites. 

The team is still looking for new solutions for employers and employees with disabilities. They create prototypes and test solutions for professional and social activation as well as ergonomics of the work of people with mobility disabilities.

TRANSFER Slovensko

The company TRANSFER Slovakia was founded in 1994 as a Slovak private educational institution. The company’s mission is to provide an integrated system of human resources services by covering areas : educational programmes, training programmes, consulting oriented on human resources management systems and national and international educational projects. In the educational process training programmes are focusing  on various management  skills in areas such communication, team building, leadership and motivation, personal and professional development and etc. TRANSFER  offers vocational education and training programmes to many international and Slovak companies,  state institutions and together with this companies TRANSFER prepares educational programmes and special education materials, special training programmes with tutors from this companies which are responsible for education.

Since 1998, TRANSFER has organised more that 25 international European educational projects in calls Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates, Grundtvig and Erasmus+. as coordinator or as a partner.   These international projects were focusing on teachers, managers, social inclusion with Roma population in Slovakia, women, new approaches in social systems for seniors, environment protection and blind people with many partners from all Europe. Some projects were focusing on  education for minorities, travelling people, immigrants in multicultural education, and other skills which they would need in other cultural environment.

On national level, TRANSFER Slovakia organised national education  projects focusing on vocational education in cooperation with Ministry of Education of the Slovak republic, especially focusing on introduction of the new approach in vocational education on secondary vocational schools  – dual system – that means combination of the practical and theoretical education in cooperation with employers and for teachers education on vocational secondary schools focusing on new approaches and methodology in science education.