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Everyone has his bad day sometimes, procrastinates more than ever or has no motivation do start doing anything.

It is widely known that the first step is always the hardest. We believe that for beneficiaries of our project the first step is OUR PLATFORM. To make the message of our educational project more attractive and facilitate the work of educators we prepared the Big Idea and communication campaign for the project under name:

Are You a Couch Potato?

For NEETs, the first step might be even more difficult.
So who they are?
Re - entrants

those, who have already been hired or enrolled in education or training and will soon leave the NEETs group.

Short - term unemployed

unemployed or seeking work, and have been unemployed for less than a year; they are moderately vulnerable.

Long - term unemployed

unemployed, seeking work and have been unemployed for more than a year; at high risk of disengagement and social exclusion.


Illness or disability

they are not seeking work due to illness or disability; it includes those who need more social support because they cannot do paid work.

Family responsibilities

they cannot work because they are caring for children or incapacitated adults or have other family responsibilities. A mix of vulnerable and non-vulnerable


they believe that there are no job opportunities and have stopped looking for work; at high risk of social exclusion and lifelong disengagement from employment.

Other NEETs

a very heterogeneous group; includes the most vulnerable, the most privileged, and those who are following alternative paths, such as artistic careers. All of them need someone to show them the way and help do this “magical” first step. One of those first steps may be our project and access to materials that can facilitate the work of teachers and educators.


Everyone has a bit of couch potato inside

Every couch potato has a beast mode deep inside.

Potatoes are tasty

Even if you’re a couch potato, you’re never alone

Even if they throw you out the door, come back through the window.

Every step counts.

Create your good habits - perfection is the result of everyday work.

We all can learn something from each other.

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.