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Spreading the word about NEETs needs. Summary of the workshops for trainers in partnering countries.

Spain – UCAM University

On October 22nd 2019, UCAM University (Murcia, Spain) held the Workshop for Trainers, as part of the “Stop being couch potatoes! Developing social and entrepreneurial skills for Neets” Erasmus + project.

Staff from the “Professional Training & Labour Information Center” in the University and lecturers in close contact with companies in the region discussed about how to reach NEETs and how to persuade them to participate. They also analysed elaborated scenarios in social skills (“Discover  your  strengths”) and entrepreneurial competences (“Create your CV”) in order to used them in the Training for NEETS that will be held in the following months.

Participants also interchanged viewpoints, experiences and opinions that increased their perspectives about this issue.

France – Eurocircle

On July 30th 2019, just before the summer break, 4 trainers from Eurocircle were trained to the 2 modules / workshops that were developed in the framework of scenarios to develop social and entrepreneurial competences for young people.
It consisted in reviewing the content and delivering training methods on the “Skills Debate” and “from application to interview” workshops.
After this ToT, our 4 trainers were equipped and prepared to deliver the workshop directly with young people. The second step took place after the summer break, on September 6th, 1 trainer delivered the 2 workshops with 10 young people that were currently following a pre-departure training before traveling to Germany for a 2 month internship in order to gain competences abroad.

As a conclusion, young people gain better knowledge and skills

– in the field of social and entrepreneurial competences
– on  how to identify one’s own competences and to apply for a job accordingly
-on  how to prepare an interview

-on how to debate, to build arguments, to defend an idea, to respect and listen to others, to negotiate.

The workshop ended with a nice shared meal!

Training for trainers

On the 29th of September 2019, Young Initiative Association organized a training course aimed to teach trainers trainees from Romania how to work with NEETs young people (young people that aren’t involved in education, employment or training). This training course took place in Bucharest (Romania) at the Center for NGO Management, in the frame of the project „Stop being couch potatoes! Developing social and entrepreneurial skills for Neets”, founded by the European Commission, trough ERASMUS+ program.

During one day, 8 trainers trainee had the chance to explore the NEETs situation in Romania and to discover tools and methods that can be used in working with young people from this vulnerable category. The main challenge for our trainers trainee was to find solutions in order to reach those young people – they aren’t involved in NGOs, and usually they don’t have an active social life.

At the end of this year, the 8 trainers trainee will implement two workshops for NEETs young people (developing social skills and financial skills).

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